Sunday, July 4, 2010

Post #999!!

Otherwise known as what I have been doing on my 3 day weekend.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon cleaning and moving things around. I finally got the label written and stitched down on the second secret quilt. I have dubbed it Brown Sugar! On Tuesday, I will take it to work and give it to a co-worker.


Last night, I made great progress on my sweater! I got half of the last part of the front of the sweater done and started the second half! I should be able to get the front finished with just a couple more hours of knitting!


Today, I straightened up the stash room and was getting ready to set up my machine when I realized that I was being over run by piles on my hope chest. I ended up going through the stacks and putting things away and I found a couple more things for the 1,000th post giveaway! And since my baskets of fabrics to be cut into scraps were overflowing, I decided to get those in order. I'm very close to being done with the 5" pieces and I hope that the smaller pieces go just as fast!


Once I get this done, I will be ready to finish up another project and then cut out one of my neighbor's quilts!

Now, I'm off to start writing up my 1,000th post for the giveaway!!! Are you just so excited?!?!

Maxie thinks that breakfast in bed is the bee's knees!



Michelle said...

Who stole MY energy? Geez! I didn't do anything!

Regina said...

Sniff sniff... what? I don't get breakfast in bed! :-(

Can't wait to hear your co-worker's reaction, 'cause I know I LOVE my quilt! It was hanging on the line on Saturday after washing, and I kept looking out the window at it... :-)

Ted and Donna said...

I haven't heard the term Hope Chest in a long time. It's very pretty and your stacks are amazingly organized. Of course.

elizabeth said...

breakfast in bed is always the best

elizabeth said...

also your sweater is looking good.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Yowsers you're almost done with the front of your sweater!!! That's great.

More cleaning! It's never-ending isn't it? Looks like you got lots wanna come over here and cut my leftover pieces to size?!?!

Babs said...

HOLLLLLAAAA for brown sugar!!
woohoo :)


Quilted Quickies said...

You're crackin' me up about the "breakfast in bed"!!! Love it!